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How to Uninstall AVG Antivirus

This tutorial will show you how to uninstall AVG antivirus totally from your system, which is probably not essential.


First, open the START menu and select SETTINGS-> SYSTEM-> APPS & FEATURES. Select all the AVG apps as you need to remove them before the main AVG installation. Now click UNINSTALL.



Now get the user account control prompt where you give confirmation regarding running the AVG setup and uninstalling the software. So, click YES.



Now, you need to select UNINSTALL.



Next, you should confirm that you really want to uninstall the AVG software. So, click YES, UNINSTALL.



Now, the AVG removal procedure will start. You need to wait until it is completed. It’ll take a few minutes only.



Finally, you can select for leaving your feedback and it’ll open in a new browser window. Well, you can easily skip this step as well.



Despite the option you select in the last step, you’ll reach the next screen and will be prompted for restarting your PC. So, click RESTART NOW.



Once your PC restarts, you’ll require repeating the procedure for all the AVG software components you have installed until you have the remaining main AVG app. In this case, select it and click UNINSTALL.



Once again, you’ll be prompted by Windows. Now click YES.



Now select UNINSTALL.



Confirm the installation by clicking YES.



You need to wait until the entire procedure is finished.



Finally, click FINISH. You don’t require restarting your PC after the removal of the main AVG application.

However, we’ll recommend you to restart your PC for once before installing another antivirus.



Although it’s not an easy software uninstallation, you can totally remove AVG from your system by working carefully. However, the AVG Antivirus Technical Support won’t fail to satisfy you anyway.

But still, if you want to uninstall it, just follow the aforementioned step-by-step guide and uninstall it. In spite of following this guide, if you are finding any issue with this uninstallation, you can take the help of the AVG Antivirus Customer Service Phone Number 1844-798-3801 to guide you through this process.


Computer has VIRUS How to Restore How can I fix it?

If you are not using any antivirus software on your computer and it start to behave differently or slow down then there may be a chance that your computer is infected with a virus. It can give a lot of issues to your computer. You need to immediate install a good antivirus for this issue. The antivirus can scan your computer and can detect the virus or malware infection. You need to delete the infected item or virus from your computer by the antivirus.

You need to have the antivirus of good quality and up to date. The latest antivirus can fix problems better than the old version. You need to take care of the version of the antivirus. There should be different and enough tool to tackle your problem.

Steps to remove the virus from your computer:


  1. Save all the necessary files of your computer

You must save the important files of your computer anywhere before going for restore or removal of virus from your computer. This can protect your important data.


  1. Disconnect network:

Disconnect your computer from the network connection like modem, network cable, ESL etc.


  1. Disable the System Restore

  • Go to start then control panel and system and security

  • Click on system protection

  • Click to configure and under restore setting “Turn off system protection”


  1. Scan with Malware bytes

Restart your computer to put in safe mode by pressing F8 repeatedly while restarting, after that scan for malware.


  1. Install antivirus software

Install the antivirus and restarts the computer in safe mode. After installing the AVG Antivirus follow the steps to detect the virus and all procedure.

  1. Enable system Restore

Follow the steps Start-control panel-system security. Then click to system protection and configure it to enable then restore system setting and previous files.

  1. Reconnect to network again

  2. Automatically update window software

Manage the setting to set as automatically window update.

If you are failed to do these steps or after all these steps you don’t have any solution then you can contact to AVG Antivirus Customer Service Phone Number, they provide you phone support at your home, Contact them at: 1-844-798-3801


AVG Antivirus Tech Support for Ransomware Threat

Ransomware and some related aspects:

Ransomware is doing rounds for quite some time in the online world since it has emerged as a deadly malware that restricts the user from accessing their own devices whether it is a laptop or desktop or smart phone. As the name has ransom in it so it literally is connected to the same only i.e. it is one of the malicious software that asks for ransom from the users to be able to access their devices. It can block either the system completely or few files by encrypting them with a password of their own and the same can be accessed only by paying a ransom i.e. some money.


Ransomware unquestionably is a step ahead of the other malware since it not only damages the files and other data but also ask for a ransom to access your own data therefore it is always advisable to have your system protected with the suitable antivirus that has the capability of fighting against such threats. In case you already have avg or Norton antivirus installed and still facing such issues then you can anytime call on the avg antivirus customer service toll free phone number or avg antivirus customer support phone number respectively.

How to Protect your Android Phones from Malware Attack

Fake Malicious Chrome update come on Android users, listing that it will protect you from malware but these are information stealing malware that can be uninstalled only by restoring the factory settings and their you will also loss your important data.

malware attack, avg antivirus support

The malicious file – Update_chrome.apk – is hosted on a continually changing list of pages whose URLs sport variations on expressions like “Google”, “Google apps”, “Google market”, “Android update”.

Once a victim download and install this fake Update , malware ask for administrative access to the device and when we grant the access:


  • Malware Checks for installed security applications and terminates them
  • Registers the device with the C&C server
  • Monitors SMS and call operations, collects SMS’s and call logs and sends them to C&C server
  • Shows the fake payment screen for gaining the payment card details each time user tries to access the Google Play store and send all the collected information to Russian Phone Number.

avg customer support phone number

Once it is installed in the phone this infostealer cannot be deleted , as the malware does not allow the user to deactivate its administrative access.

The only option is to remove this information stealer from the phone is doing factory reset and by doing this step you can loss you further important data.

Having a good antivirus like Avg Antivirus you can disallow these link to open and install the malware in you mobile phone, as these antivirus detect the sites and make the user to know about malware in system.

If you are having problem to download the AVG Antivirus you can contact to our Avg Antivirus Technical Support Phone Number : 1-844-798-3801(Toll Free).